Man Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Woman’s Dog, Then Went Right Ahead And Did It


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Police in Pennsylvania are searching for a man who allegedly shot a dog for no apparent reason on New Year’s Eve.

According to police reports, the dog was standing in its own yard, unleashed and being watched over by a caretaker when an unknown male walked by. After noticing the dog, the man allegedly threatened that if the dog wasn’t restrained in some way, he would “kill” it, PennLive reported.

Under Pennsylvania law dogs are not required to be leashed as long as they are “under control,” the outlet reported.

The caretaker reportedly attempted to allay any fears the man had by explaining that the dog was friendly. The man allegedly expressed that he didn’t care about the dog’s temperament and would “kill the dog anyway,” Corporal Lee Tarasi told PennLive.

Despite pleas from the caretaker not to hurt the dog, the man allegedly pulled out a gun as the curious dog approached him and shot the dog in the leg before resuming his walk, according to the outlet. (RELATED: Family Dog Shot In The Head With Arrow Survives)

Police have surveillance video of the incident, but would like to interview the man to get his version of the events. While Pennsylvanians do have the right to act in self-defense if an animal is acting aggressively toward them, or kill an animal to protect livestock from a fatal attack, evidence does not suggest this was the case in the dog’s shooting, Tarasi told the outlet.

Further, police are concerned that a gun was fired in a residential area close to homes with people inside.

The unknown male has been described as 5 foot, 10 inches tall; with shoulder-length dreadlocks

The dog, a pit bull and shepherd mix, survived its injuries.