Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt Nearly Flaunts It All For Her Team Ahead Of Playoff Game (And Impressively In The Snow)

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images for Gracie Hunt)

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You might like the Chiefs a little bit more after this one.

If you don’t know who Gracie Hunt is, she’s the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs part-owner, Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, making her the heiress to the franchise. She won the Miss Kansas USA beauty pageant in 2021, and also competed in Miss USA. So as you see, this isn’t your average Instagram thot or Twitter siren.

Every Friday before gameday, Gracie has this thing called “Red Friday,” where she uses the day to get Chiefs Kingdom ready for the weekend. She uses it for a range of things, from charitable events to fan giveaways.


On Saturday, her Kansas City Chiefs square off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL Divisional Playoffs, and as scheduled, Red Friday was in full effect — but this week’s edition was a little more … steamy … and from the looks of it, cold.


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Here’s some more Gracie Hunt:


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I have to say, I’m quite impressed with the snow shots.

I scrolled through her Instagram and noticed that she had a few bikini photos of her in the snow. Surely, she had to be cold, right?

I mean, it is Kansas City, or Aspen, wherever the hell she was at, but you get my point. But maybe that’s the thing, she must be used to the cold (I get it being climatized here in the Sunshine State) and is just professional with it, keepin’ it G on this Red Friday — though personally, I’ll be rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a Floridian. (RELATED: The NFL Playoffs Ratchet Up With Divisional Round. Here’s Everything You Need To Know)

And I hope the heiress is ready … *deeply inhales* … Because her Kansas City Chiefs are going down! The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to SHOCK the world, baby! Get ready, heiress — it’s happening!