Dog Shoots And Kills Man In Kansas

Photo by Ina Fassbender/Getty Images

Emily Cope Contributor
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A 32-year-old man in southern Kansas was killed in a hunting-related accident after a dog stepped on a rifle, officials announced on Jan. 24.

The incident happened just before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21, when the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call that a man had been shot in the back, according to KAKE.

Deputies said the man was sitting in the front passenger seat of a pickup truck that was carrying hunting gear and a rifle in the backseat. (RELATED: 58-Year-Old Woman Dies From Gunshot Wound In Alleged Hunting Accident)

The sheriff’s office concluded that a dog belonging to the owner of the vehicle had stepped on a rifle in the backseat, causing a single round to discharge, which then struck the man in the back.

“Responding units arrived within minutes of the 911 call and started CPR,” sheriffs told KWCH 12.

According to the outlet, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and Wellington Fire and EMS also responded to the incident.

The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

In comments on KAKE’s Facebook page, many users criticized the man for not ensuring the gun was in the correct safety setting.

“If this is true, it’s just hunter ignorance,” one comment read.

Facebook user Jimmy White said he knew the victim personally, and condemned the “hateful” comments.

“To all the comedians and weapons experts here: This boy was my friend, having been best friends for over 20+ years with his dad. These comments are hateful,” White wrote. “I know this family very well and cannot tell you how much their hearts hurt right now. Shame on you.”