Troopers Shoot And Kill Suspect After He Allegedly Pointed A Laser, Shot At Police Helicopter

(Screenshot/Public/YouTube/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7)

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Michigan State Troopers shot and killed a suspect Tuesday after he allegedly pointed a laser and shot at a police helicopter.

Michigan State Police Helicopter Trooper 2 was flying nearby when the suspect allegedly shone a laser into the cockpit, according to WXYZ. Troopers in the helicopter reported the incident and officers on the ground went to the location.

“He actually might be, he might be armed,” one trooper said, according to KMPH. “He almost looks like he’s holding a long gun pointing at us right now. Yeah, he’s shooting at us right now.”

Once at the location, the suspect allegedly fired at the helicopter and at troopers on the ground, WXYZ reported. Troopers then shot and killed the suspect. (RELATED: Two Different Helicopters Crash On Either Side Of Country. One Police Officer Dies, Several Others Injured)

“ES team cleared the house for safety purposes before and found multiple weapons and ammunition stashes in the home as if it was set up for some sort of ambush or security purposes or whatever,” Michigan State Police Lieutenant Michael Shaw said, WXYZ reported.

The helicopter landed at a nearby airport and was inspected for damage, according to WXYZ. The helicopter was reportedly not damaged by the gunfire.