SEIFERT: Americans Must Utilize Their Freedom To Choose

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Michael Seifert Contributor
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When one ideology dominates the corporate landscape, that ideology becomes synonymous with the country. 

Companies that have been steeped in one particular ideology operate under the delusion that certain political standards warrant how their customers should behave, and if enough essential companies join the movement, they can even change the way our society is run.

The leftists know this and to advance their own geo-political goals they are currently in the midst of an aggressive campaign to force American companies to go “woke.”

Their inability to separate their deranged hatred for America as an institution from the country that has been a haven for personal and economic freedom since its inception in 1776 could ultimately lead to catastrophe for the greatest country on earth. 

Luckily, the majority of Americans are far from taken with this leftist mirage that has already started to envelop much of corporate America, and rightfully want to fight back. 

But, no one is going to save this country for us.

The only way to counteract the woke corporate appeasement plan is to actively push back against the companies that prioritize leftist ideology over the average American’s interests.

The best way to do this is to use the greatest power that Americans possess: the freedom of choice.

Americans can utilize this power of choice in two ways.

Firstly, by electing politicians that will force companies to comply with the will of the people and secondly by using the power of their wallets to put economic pressure on these companies.

The first choice is already bearing fruit with Republican states beginning to divest billions from firms like BlackRock due to ESG activism. 

Some companies are beginning to recognize their mistakes. Vanguard and Twitter are some of the few that see the writing on the wall. 

Vanguard, which has $7 trillion in assets under management, withdrew from the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative (NZAM) in December due to a backlash by a number of groups including the Texas State Senate for their commitment to ESG investing.

Twitter, which is still in the process of a complete political overhaul due to Elon Musk’s takeover, decided to strip their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) department by cutting their staff from thirty to two.

A year ago, no one would ever think that any of these major companies would be trending back toward normalcy, but the power of choice is forcing them to regain their sanity.

That being said, there are countless other major companies and businesses that are still on the wokeness warpath, and that is where the second choice comes into play.

Our political leaders only have so much power and in some states where the majority of voters are overwhelmingly blue, these woke companies seem to have free reign to push their political agenda, but don’t give up hope.There is a way to put a dent in their bottom line.

The best way to fight back in a blue state and to hamstring corporate wokeness nationwide is by making the conscious effort to take our business to the institutions that cherish the same values that we have, and PublicSq is the best way to do that.

I created PublicSq two years ago, because I realized how necessary it is for us to have a parallel economy that is immune to the ESG and DEI policies that guide “progressive” companies. 

As an American, you deserve to know which businesses will prioritize the quality of your experience over anything else, you deserve to know which businesses will stand with the values protected in the Constitution, and you deserve to discover the businesses that won’t let “woke” nonsense destroy the fundamental principles of American enterprise. 

We at PublicSq have built the largest platform of patriotic, freedom-loving businesses the nation has ever seen. With hundreds of thousands of active consumers and tens of thousands of business vendors, we’ve succeeded because Americans are tired of corporations lecturing consumers on political issues.

It’s imperative that we reward patriotic Americans and serve them with a marketplace that shares their values. Head to publicsq.com, join the parallel economy, and vote against leftism with the power of your wallet.


Michael Seifert is the CEO and Founder of PublicSq.

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