Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Says Society Will Be ‘Useless’ If AI Robots Take Over Journalism


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Daily Caller news and commentary writer Kay Smythe said Tuesday that the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) robotics replacing journalists will be a detriment to humankind.

Smythe argued in a Thursday editorial that all people are replaceable and thus should not revolve their identities solely around their careers. She told Newsmax Tuesday that AI robotics are “unsustainable” as the human race will lack progressing skill sets.

“If robots do takeover, they will basically develop to the point where without any future human upkeep or input, they’ll be rendered useless which will render society useless because we will have lost all of the skillsets that would’ve maintained us prior to the robots being here. So I think that we’re doomed either way, I think we’re doomed for a lot of reasons, this is just one of them,” Smythe said.

Newsmax host John Bachman argued that humanity will always outweigh robotics for the sake of unique perspectives and talents. (RELATED: ‘Slap In The Face’: Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Rips Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman Of The Year’ Nomination)

“As long as other journalists are able to cultivate and maintain a sense of individualism like you [Smythe] have, I think the industry will be fine,” he said. “There are a lot of problems with journalism right now but I don’t think AI is one of them.”

Smythe agreed, arguing that robotics will not survive independently because humanity is the one who created it. She added, however, that there will likely be consequences if people allow AI to completely take over human industries. Bachman said the robots “will master” humanity if we allow robots to overindulge in a variety of industries.

In 2020, OpenAI’s powerful language generator, Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) wrote an article for The Guardian after being instructed to write an approximately 500-word essay about why humans should not fear AI. “I am not a human. I am Artificial Intelligence. Many people think I am a threat to humanity. Stephen Hawking has warned that AI could ‘spell the end of the human race.’ I am here to convince you not to worry. Artificial Intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me,” it wrote.