‘He Just Went Crazy’: Video Shows Student Going Berserk, Throwing Teacher To The Ground


Taylor Giles Contributor
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A high school student in Florida went berserk and threw a teacher to the ground Tuesday.

Video shows the student getting physical during reading class at North Miami Senior High School, according to WSVN. The incident started after a student allegedly started making weird noises and then became physical.

“He started grunting and stuff. That’s when he got up and flipped the desk and started hitting anyone who was in his area,” one unidentified student said, reported WSVN.

“He just went crazy,” another unidentified student said, WSVN reported. “I’m hearing screaming, they’re saying that this boy is swinging everywhere.”

Students can be heard in the video screaming as the student slams the teacher to the ground. The teacher was not hurt in the altercation, WSVN reported. (RELATED: High School Student Violently Attacks English Teacher Reportedly After Poor Classroom Evaluation)

Police did not arrest the student but the student was punished by the school, according to WSVN.

The school district believes the student had a medical emergency after taking an unknown substance, WSVN reported. The student was also taken to the hospital for evaluation.

“We’re all here to learn. This is high school,” another unidentified student said, according to the outlet. “You all shouldn’t be doing drugs.”

Miami-Dade County Public Schools did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller for comment.