Tennessee Is Gloriously Attempting To Make Super Bowl Monday A Holiday And The Rest Of America Should Follow Suit

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Super Bowl Monday totally needs to be an official federal holiday — who doesn’t party the Sunday before?

The Workforce Institute at Kronos came out with a study back in 2021 that showed 16.1 million Americans said they weren’t showing up for work that Monday after that year’s Super Bowl. When they added up the numbers, it totaled $6.5 billion worth of lost productivity.

In other words, Super Bowl Monday needs to be a holiday, because let’s be honest, we’re either too hungover to go to work or our stomach is on fire after eating 300 buffalo wings the night before, or both.

Well, to their credit, two Tennessee Democrats — state Sen. London Lamar and Rep. Joe Towns Jr. — have proposed a bill to nix the Columbus Day holiday and replace it with an official Super Bowl Monday holiday, giving every Tennessean off the day after the big game.

If successfully passed, the bill — officially known as SB1344/HB1463 — would force the changing of the Tennessee Code “by deleting the language, ‘the second Monday in October, known as ‘Columbus Day,'” and putting in its place, “the first Monday after the Super Bowl, known as ‘Super Bowl Monday.'”

Now, I know London Lamar and Joe Towns Jr. are Democrats, but this sounds like the kind of cool guy move that Ron DeSantis (my governor down here in Florida) does on a consistent basis. DeSantis is the same guy (as the governor) who has drunk beer at bars, eaten big-ass slices of pizza, gone to football games like a true American, and hung out in studios with music superstars who are writing songs about him.

Good song, by the way:

With how cool DeSantis is, I’m surprised he wasn’t the one who came up with this idea as an actual policy (that I’ve been pushing for years, by the way). You’ve gotta give Lamar and Towns credit, they pulled a total DeSantis move.

Hey, DeSantis. You should totally adopt this for the Sunshine State.

I don’t know about you, Governor, but I personally need a day off after drinking two cases of Twisted Tea and eating six dozen buffalo wings. My old 32-year-old body can’t handle “the next day” anymore, but I’m not willing to give up my Super Bowl Sunday partying ways either — it’s one of the best days of the year. (RELATED: Jared Goff And His Model Fiancée Christen Harper Met On A Dating App)

For the love of God, DeSantis, please give us off Super Bowl Monday. It’s ONE day, man.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Daily Caller would let me have off anyways, considering that I’m the head of the sports department (and will have hella post-Super Bowl coverage to deal with that day) … damn!

Well, there goes that idea. Hungover sports blogging, here I come!