Biden Goes After Florida Sen. Rick Scott On Social Security, Medicaid

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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President Joe Biden took aim at Florida Sen. Rick Scott over Social Security and Medicaid in a speech on Thursday at the University of Tampa.

Biden visited the university and delivered the speech in which he sharply criticized Scott over his stance on entitlement programs.

Biden dinged Scott over his 12 Point Plan for America, pointing out that the guidelines in the plan would cause the end of popular policies such as Medicare and Social Security every five years. His comments were a redux of his State of the Union.

Biden’s team placed one of Scott’s 12 Point Plan for America brochures on each attendant’s seat.

“The very idea the senator from Florida wants to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block every five years I find to be somewhat outrageous. So outrageous that you might not even believe it,” Biden said.

The president also expressed optimism in the political future of failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Christ.

“I don’t think you’re finished!” Biden told Christ during his remarks at the university. (RELATED: Former Agent Breaks Down In Tears When Detailing Her Time With ‘Politicized’ FBI)

Biden also mentioned the senator’s position on entitlement programs during a rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I got his brochure right here … Here’s what he says in his plan … He says all federal legislation sunsets every five years. If a law is worth keeping, congress can pass it again,” Biden said.

In anticipation of Biden’s visit, Scott ran an ad blaming Biden for entitlement cuts and saying that Biden should resign.

“Look at what the people in my state care about. Inflation – he caused it. Gas prices – he caused it. We got open border – he caused it.” Scott said about Biden on CNN.