‘F*cking Awful’: NFL Referees Ripped Left And Right For ‘Horrible’ Super Bowl-Deciding Holding Call

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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The James Bradberry “holding” call is exactly why people think the NFL is rigged.

When Super Bowl LVII was coming to a close, it was clear to everybody that the game was going to be considered a classic — an instant classic. However, the referees found a way to screw that up like they screw up everything else.

With less than two minutes to go in the game, the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles were tied at 35, with Patrick Mahomes & Co. rolling down the field in hopes for a Super Bowl-winning score. Well, they got that score, and their rings, but it’s not coming without some heat.

Kansas City was facing a 3rd-and-8 on Philadelphia’s 15-yard line, and as the Chiefs made their play in an attempt to get a first down, Mahomes threw an incomplete pass intended for wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. But instead of Kansas City being hit with a fourth-down situation, the zebras hit Eagles cornerback James Bradberry with a holding call.

The — and I’m just being honest here — outright shitty call gave the Chiefs a whole new set of downs with an automatic first. At that point, the referees gift wrapped (as Reggie Bush put it, you’ll see that here shortly) the Lombardi Trophy for Kansas City, setting them up for a Super Bowl-winning 27-yard field goal with only seconds left on the clock, giving the Chiefs their second ring of the Mahomes era.

Well, this whole ordeal wasn’t received well by anybody outside of Chiefs Kingdom (including myself), and the proof is in the pudding, with everybody across the football landscape bitchin’ about the God-awful call and tainting Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory in the process:

I’ve already stated my views on the matter (you can read my complete thoughts here and here) but as you see, the entire nation is pissed off. We had a classic Super Bowl in our hands, just for the referees to snatch it away from us.

The conversations on Super Bowl Monday could have been so glorious, and yet, here we are. (RELATED: Alleged Stories About Joe Montana Make Him Seem Like A Bit Of A Prick)

This is exactly why people think the NFL is rigged.