Supermodel Gigi Hadid Breaks Down In Tears Over The Pressures Of Fame

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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International supermodel Gigi Hadid has lived her life in front of the cameras, but the pressures of fame have reduced her to tears and she admits that her life isn’t as ‘picture-perfect’ as fans think.

Hadid has amassed over 76.8 million followers on Instagram alone and has made millions posing for some of the biggest brands in the fashion world. Yet, she’s still struggling to balance her self-identity and her fame. The supermodel broke down in a flurry of tears during her February interview with Elle, revealing that her struggles behind the camera are very real.

“I think that I’m someone who you have to be in front of to experience,” Hadid said. “It’s not hard. This isn’t a complaint. It’s more that in my job, you see a lot of snapshots,” she continued, explaining that fans don’t get to see who she really is.

After almost a decade in the public eye as a fashion powerhouse, Hadid still doesn’t feel that people really “see” her for who she is, according to Elle. The way the world perceives her isn’t an accurate depiction, according to the model.

Hadid’s tears flowed freely after being asked to share what she feels the world doesn’t know about her. She was seemingly triggered by years of being misunderstood as her emotions bubbled to the surface, according to Elle. “What does the world not know about me? I don’t know. I’m getting emotional,” she said.

The supermodel apologized for crying, and said, “No, it’s fine. Apparently, I needed to say it. There are a lot of snapshots and really quick moments where, again, there’s not a lot of context given,” she said, referencing her life behind the lens.

“I’ve had early experiences where you learn how the world reacts when you share things in certain ways,” Hadid said.(RELATED: Adam Levine And Supermodel Wife Behati Prinsloo Welcome New Baby To The World: Report)

“Sometimes you just leave something feeling like you were taken out of context. Or just feel like you revealed too much, and it was taken advantage of,” she said, as she explained that the world only sees snippets of time captured by the paparazzi.

“Whatever those learning-the-hard-way experiences are, you grow a certain skin,” Hadid said.

Hadid expressed the chaos and confusion that comes along with flying to different countries to grace runways across the globe. She spoke of her upcoming project “Next in Fashion” as an opportunity to present the world with a more authentic glimpse into her life.

For the very first time in her high-profile life and career, the superstar has found stability with her new project.

“I went to the same studio for a month, with the same 100-person crew,” Hadid said.

“You really feel that sense of community that I think I’ve been wanting, and that really brings out a [sense of comfort] and the time and space and screen time to show yourself,” Hadid said to Elle.