Kim Kardashian And Mariah Carey Raised Eyebrows With This Strange Joint Video


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey teamed up in a joint dance video that featured the divas and their daughters, but the internet isn’t vibing.

Kardashian and Carey lip-synching to Mariah’s hit song “It’s A Wrap,” and dancing together was a collaboration that nobody saw coming. Fans expressed shock over a friendship that they didn’t know existed and were even more surprised that their children, North West and Monroe, were in on all the action. Some thought this was an iconic video, but most of the comments on social media criticized the famous moms for dragging their offspring into the spotlight.

The video shows North West and Monroe dancing side-by-side in what the internet is calling a “creepy hallway,” before their famous moms sneak in for a cameo appearance and get pushed out the way by their kids. The video first appeared on TikTok and has since been featured on a number of different outlets.

One user referenced Carey’s lack of new hits in recent years, and accused her of Kardashian’s coattails by writing, “She’s desperate for a hit that she needs the Kardashians.”

Another critic chimed in and said, “Nepo babies taking over early.” (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Cries While Explaining How She Protects Her Kids From Kanye West’s Public Image)

Carey’s fans surfaced and questioned her decision to align with Kardashian “Why Mariah why?! 😫,” they wrote.

Kardashian was slammed for featuring her daughter’s dance moves on social media. “Oh god , Kim Kardashian will pimp that kid to anyone for views and clicks. Kanye was right,” they wrote.

@AllieK02 directed a warning to Carey by writing, “Lord please keep yourself and your daughter away from them,” and @playboi4kt echoed the sentiment by saying, “Mariah needs to stay away!”

Another person weighed in on how staged this performance was by tweeting the message, “i just know mariah left as soon as they did the tik tok.”

@ryan26169762 summed up the entire collaboration by writing, “This don’t look right.”