What A Joke: Washington Infielder Will Simpson Was Ejected From A Game For No Reason Whatsoever

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This is exactly why sports fans hate officiating so much.

I’ve got some good news and some bad news to lay on you. The good news is that college baseball is back, the bad news is that so is the bad umpiring associated with it.

Check out the latest example that we have.

University of Washington standout infielder Will Simpson knocked a two-run homer out of the park to tie the game up for his Huskies, 6-6, against Santa Clara in the sixth inning. Afterwards, Simpson did what any baseball player would do — he celebrated.

He started off by trotting down the first-base line, tossing the bat to the side as he started going around the diamond. Rounding second and going to third, Simpson used his hand to underline the name “Washington” that was on his jersey — directed at his own dugout, by the way. And that was his celebration — that was it. Doesn’t sound like much, right?

Well, it was enough for the umpires to eject him for what they labeled “excessive celebration.”

Here’s a clip of the offensive celebration:

Offensive as shit, right? Let’s just throw his ass into cancel culture!

Give me a break.

Major League Baseball actually had a whole campaign about this thing, which I appreciate them for:

The NCAA could learn a thing or two from MLB’s campaign. Just let the kids play. This is exactly why baseball has been going down the shitter with ratings and ticket sales for years now, and I’m saying this as somebody who loves baseball.

But facts are facts, man. Baseball as a whole needs to embrace fun, swag and rules like the “Magic at Bat” rule. (RELATED: Blue Jays Manager John Schneider Saves A Woman From Choking And Then Drinks A Beer Afterwards Like A Complete Boss)

I’m just saying…