Man Dressed As The Cookie Monster Terrorizes Santa Cruz

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Paul Aubert Contributor
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A man dressed in a ‘Cookie Monster’ costume is reportedly harassing people across the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

Officials from the Santa Cruz Police Department told KSBW that the costumed individual is facing criminal charges across the country.

Police have encouraged visitors not to engage with the man, adding they have received multiple phone calls complaining about the ‘Cookie Monster.’ He has not, however, committed any arrestable offense.

It is believed the man dresses up in his ‘Sesame Street‘ costume to harass unsuspecting passersby in the Santa Cruz area near the wharf. (RELATED: Adam Sandler Remains In Custody After Arrest For ‘Evil Elmo’ Threats)

One wharf visitor, Michelle Roberts, told KSBW about her encounter with the ‘Cookie Monster’ man. “We saw him at the beginning of the wharf. At first glance, it just seemed like maybe it would be fun to do a selfie with him but we were away from him and then we went to the back of the wharf by the deadlines, and that’s when we saw him coming out making a commotion and getting in people’s faces,” Roberts recalled.

Another wharf visitor called the man “the creepy monster not the Cookie Monster.”

In a public service announcement posted on Instagram Thursday, the Santa Cruz Wharf told visitors to contact police immediately if “you have concerns about inappropriate behavior or him claiming to be hired by the City or a business.”

The post noted the individual is “exercising his first amendment rights.”


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