Two Men Act Like Complete A**holes To Their Wives On OKC Thunder Kiss Cam, And One Is Completely Out Of His League

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Some people just don’t know how good they got it.

The Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday night with the Lake Show pulling in the 123-117 win, but one of the biggest takeaways from the game came from the crowd.

While things were in a timeout, the Thunder brought up the kiss cam for fans’ entertainment, and as it was going around the arena, it eventually came to two husbands back-to-back.

The first looked more confused than anything, not realizing what was going on until the end, but he was a little bit “eh” with his wife. A little assholish, but not too bad. But this second guy, he’s who really pissed me off. Not only does he probably have money (I’m assuming because he was wearing Ralph Lauren and could afford tickets), not only was he at an NBA game, but he has a pretty blonde lady as his wife who is obviously aging well.

And how does he show gratitude for what looks to be a dope life?

Just shits all over it. Check out this disgrace:

I don’t give a damn if the man was working or whatever was going on that was important enough for him to be sucked into his phone and then telling off his wife, you kiss that woman!

Dude was way out of his league to be with some pretty blonde lady to begin with … how on earth are you going to severely outkick your coverage and act like that? (RELATED: Illinois’ Matthew Mayer Suffers ‘Caffeine Poisoning’ After Knocking Back Energy Drinks To Fuel Video Game Binge)

Just terrible, man. Some people really just don’t know how good they got it.