Just Sorry: Washington Commanders Are So Dysfunctional, They Received More F- Grades Than Regular F’s In NFLPA Survey

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Just sell the team, Dan Snyder.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) released its first annual report cards on Wednesday for all of the league’s franchises, and to nobody’s surprise, the Washington Commanders came in dead last.

The report is intended to help guide NFL free agents towards the best teams. The results help franchises like the No. 1 ranked Minnesota Vikings, and my Miami Dolphins in the No. 2 position, as well as the Las Vegas Raiders, who are No. 3 with overall grades. But with the Commanders?

It’s an outright disaster — which is fitting for a Snyder-led organization.

And here’s the kicker: they received more F- grades than they did regular F’s, which is absolutely hilarious.

Check this shit out:

And by the way, I am absolutely loving these grades from my Dolphins:

  • Weight Room: A+
  • Strength Staff: A+
  • Training Room: A+
  • Training Staff: A+
  • Locker Room: A+
  • Travel: A
  • Nutrition: A
  • Treatment of Families: C+

The fact that we got a C+ in ‘Treatment of Families’ tells me that the Miami Dolphins run their franchise like a business, because it is, and I have absolutely no problem with that. So that grade is irrelevant to me.

You know what I’m looking at? (RELATED: Illinois’ Matthew Mayer Suffers ‘Caffeine Poisoning’ After Knocking Back Energy Drinks To Fuel Video Game Binge)

Those beautiful five A+’s — the most in the NFL.

Good work, boys. And go Phins!