Chris Brown Throws Fan’s Phone Into Crowd At Berlin Concert


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Chris Brown invited a female fan onto the stage during his concert Wednesday in Berlin. When she seemed more interested in her phone than his performance, he snatched the device out of her hand and threw it into the crowd.

The woman began filming with her phone as soon as she was invited to the stage. At one point, Brown gently took it out of her hand, seemingly signaling that he wanted her to put it away. He launched into a high energy performance of “Take You Down” and put on a choreographed dance performance while singing directly to the fan, but she seemed far more interested in capturing the moment on her phone while fixing her hair and posing for the video than actually enjoying the experience. His frustration intensified.

The woman was seated in a chair at the center of the stage with Brown and his back-up dancers performing all around her. Instead of enjoying the moment, the woman immediately whipped out her phone to film the occasion. In the beginning, Brown could be seen gently taking the phone out of her hands and putting it away.

The woman reached for her phone again and kept filming with her phone. Brown then sat on the fan’s lap, face-to-face with her and  proceeded to give her a very sensual lap dance. He began grinding on her while intensely gyrating. The exaggerated dance moves were steamy and intimate. But that didn’t seem to captivate the fan.

As soon as Brown got off her lap, she pulled out the phone once more. (RELATED: Chloe Bailey Defends Collaboration With Chris Brown)

That was the last straw for Brown.

He reached over, snatched the phone right out of her hands, and threw it right into the crowd.

The fan threw her arms up in the air as her phone was chucked.

The phone was eventually returned to her, but it’s unclear what condition it was in after being thrown off the stage, according to Page Six.