‘The View’ Rages Over Banning Kids From Drag Shows

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-hosts raged Monday about banning kids from drag shows and conservatives’ opposition to the transgender ideology.

The panel ranted about conservatives warning about transgender ideology and recent bans on children attending drag shows. Co-host Ana Navarro claimed that conservatives are making things up to “enrage people,” and accused The Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles of “going after trans people” after he called for the transgender ideology to be “eradicated from public life” at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“This is now the train they’re on, right? Let’s go after transgender people, let’s go after LGBTQ, and it’s going to wind up getting somebody hurt and it needs to stop,” Navarro said. “And listen, if you are against your children to a drag show, don’t take your children to a drag show. No five-year-old can drive themselves and the number one cause of death in children is firearms. So if you are concerned about your children and their security, pass some common sense gun reform and leave the drag queens the hell alone!”


Co-host Sunny Hostin said conservatives are doing this because they are afraid of white people losing their power, then lamented that a transgender person has never been president. (RELATED: Liberal Media Rushes To Defends Drag Queen Story Hour For Children After Colorado Shooting)

“It’s about a loss of power. We’ve never had Caitlyn Jenner as president, we’ve never had a transgender person as president. We’ve had a black president, but there was white-lash. It’s fear of a loss of white power,” Hostin said.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said the majority of the country does not fear drag queens or transgender people. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then argued drag queens have never killed anybody and that something should instead by done about guns.

“Please remember that all the people who are yelling for their rights are pooping all over everybody else’s rights. Eighteen-year-olds can go into bars, seven-year-olds cannot go into bars unless they are with you. You can’t go anywhere without a parent. This is ridiculous and as I think Sunny just said, nobody has every killed anybody with a drag queen. But guns kill people all the time,” Goldberg said.

Navarro previously condemned Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in August for suing a Miami bar called R House for hosting a drag show in front of minors.

“Listen, do I think a 5-year-old should be at a drag show? No, but you know what? If you are for parental choice when it comes to your kid wearing a mask to school, if you are for parental choice when it comes to your kid learning about slavery and learning the true history of this country, then why in the hell can’t you be about parental choice on whether you take your kid to a drag show or not?” she said.

Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed legislation into law Friday banning all drag shows for children.