Carjacker Takes Off With Double Amputee’s Legs, Throws Wheelchair Into Ravine


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Police in Ohio are searching for a 26-year-old suspect accused of carjacking a double amputee and leaving the victim to fend for himself on a set of train tracks without his legs or wheelchair. 

On Feb 22, the 59-year-old victim reportedly arrived at his friend’s home in Cleveland in order to have work done on his 2000 Buick Regal, News 5 reported. Later that evening, the friend, 26-year-old Aaron Parsons, and two other suspects allegedly threatened the victim at gunpoint, forcing him to drive the car to a new location, according to 

Once there, the victim was allegedly pistol-whipped and thrown from the vehicle onto a set of nearby train tracks at which point Parsons reportedly told the victim, “If the cold doesn’t kill you, a train will,” the outlet stated.

Parsons then allegedly fled the scene with his two companions and the victim’s prosthetic legs, but not before tossing the 59-year-old’s wheelchair into a ravine, News 5 Cleveland reported. Left for dead, it is not known how the double amputee was able to obtain help. The victim’s car, however, was later found by authorities, though it had been set ablaze with the prosthetic legs still inside. (RELATED: Teen Gets Crap Beat Out Of Him After Trying To Carjack Grandma On Her Way To Chemo)

Police were also able to recover the victim’s wheelchair from the ravine while the victim was transported to a hospital for his injuries, the outlet stated.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s office has charged Parsons with aggravated robbery, but the suspect remains at large.