Hugh Grant’s Awkward Interview Suggests He Couldn’t Care Less About The Oscars


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Model Ashley Graham interviewed actor Hugh Grant on the red carpet at the 95th annual Oscars on Sunday, and the incredibly awkward encounter has since gone viral.

The “Notting Hill” star couldn’t seem to care less about the awards ceremony and seemed indifferent to any of the questions he fielded. Grant seemed stunned and reacted to the most basic questions with strange pauses and facial expressions.

“What’s your favorite thing about coming to the Oscars,” Graham asked. Grant looked absolutely bewildered and immediately began to stutter. “Well…umm,” he said as his eyes darted from side to side, as if looking for an escape route. “It’s fascinating, it’s ah — the whole of humanity’s here, it’s Vanity Fair,” Grant said.

Graham tried again with a different question. “What are you most excited to see tonight?” she asked.

Grant seemed confused once again. “To see?” he asked, as if he was unsure of what the Oscars were all about.

“Well I know that you probably watched a lot of the movies, are you excited to see anybody to win, do you have your hopes up for anyone?” Graham asked.

“Not — ah, no one in particular,” Grant said.

Graham re-directed and attempted to reel Grant back in with another question. “What are you wearing tonight, then?” she asked.

“Just my suit,” Grant replied, seemingly unwilling to cooperate and join the usual red-carpet banter.

Graham did her best to engage the actor. She joked about how he didn’t make the outfit himself, and asked Grant who designed his fashion statement for the evening.

“I can’t remember, my tailor” Grant said, making the conversation incredibly awkward.

The interview was visibly awkward and Grant appeared to be more and more uninterested with each passing second.

Graham complimented his work on the film “The Glass Onion” in a final attempt to get the actor talking about something related to the film industry, but even that approach fell flat. (RELATED: Anne Heche, Lisa-Marie Presley Among Numerous Big Names Missing From Oscars’ ‘In Memoriam’)

“I am barely in it. I am in it for three seconds,” Grant said.

“But still, you showed up and had fun, right?” Graham asked.

“Almost,” Grant said.

Graham ended the interview as Grant threw in a few final exasperated facial expressions. He couldn’t resist leaving on a sarcastic note, mumbling “yeah” as the camera cut.