Fishermen Reel In Great White Shark On Trip In Gulf Coast

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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Two Florida fishermen were out with clients on the Gulf Coast on March 6 when they reeled in a great white shark.

Coastal World Wide’s Dylan Wier and his partner, Blaine Kenny, were with clients out on Orange Beach when they reeled in the 10 to 11 foot fish. It was reportedly the first time someone has caught a great white in Alabama waters, Fox 10 Alabama reported. (RELATED: Fisherman Catches Strange Looking Deep Sea Shark In Australia, Experts Disagree On Species)

“I’m running another bait out so I’m actually in the kayak, coming back in. The Tiagra 130 has a clicker that you could hear from a million miles away and when I heard it going off, I thought that’s the big reel,” Wier said, according to Fox 10. “We run that bait six hundred yards out. It was a jack crevalle head…about eight-ten pounds or so and when I heard it go off, I watched Blaine stick it from the beach and then, it kind of goes slack and he sticks it and for the first minute, minute and a half, it was dumping.”

Wier and Kenny have caught their fair share of large fish but claimed that they have never had quite the experience like this one, the outlet reported.
“It one-hundred-percent took every one of us to reel that fish in,” Kenny said, according to Fox 10. Kenny added by saying that they took turns reeling in the shark and recording the rare occasion.

“They’re relatively rare individuals, especially in this part of the world and especially from the beach,” explained Dr. Marcus Drymon with Mississippi State University, Fox 10 reported. “This is a very rare event and maybe, if those guys continue to fish from the beach for the next several years and never catch another one like it.”

Drymon added by saying that the shark was reportedly a juvenile and that the cooler waters near the coastline is what most likely drew it closer to shore, according to the outlet.