‘My Balls Hurt So Bad’: Trans Woman Bursts Into Tears In Airport After TSA Agent Hits Testicles

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A transgender individual who identifies as female reportedly broke down into tears after allegedly being punched in the testicles by a TSA agent at John F. Kennedy Airport.

The transgender individual, who goes by the name Mara, reportedly took to social media to vent frustration after the incident.

“hi so a tsa agent at jfk airport punched me in the genitalia, yelled at me for having a penis (?) and humiliated me in front of everyone after i told her to please stop,” the flyer said in since-deleted social media posts according to the New York Post. (REPORT: Washington Post Poll Inadvertently Finds Vast Majority Of ‘Trans’ People Aren’t Really Transgender)

“[The TSA agent] followed me into the women’s bathroom and began talking about me to a coworker while I sobbed in a stall,” Mara reportedly said.

Afterwards, Mara reportedly made another post that shed more light on the situation, claiming the TSA agent berated Mara’s identity and that Mara was still physically recovering from the encounter. Mara claimed the TSA agent “yelled at me for having a penis” and that “My balls hurt so bad.”

Despite this, Mara doesn’t want the agent to lose their job and hopes they learn from the situation.

“I don’t want the TSA agent that hurt me fired,” Mara wrote, according to The Washington Times, “I want her educated and the entirety of the TSA abolished altogether.”