Police Arrest Man Driving Forklift Who ‘Erratically’ Chased Pedestrians Through Downtown Area

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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Police officers in Portland, Oregon, arrested a suspect who allegedly stole a forklift and drove it around downtown Portland.

The man was also accused of running pedestrians down in the machine, according to a tweet by the Portland Police Beauru Central Precinct.

Officers stopped the man after he allegedly drove the wrong way down a city street, according to the tweet. They then arrested the man.

“Good work by Central Precinct Officers today responding to a 911 call about a subject driving a stolen forklift thru downtown,” the tweet reads. “The suspect was driving erratically and chasing pedestrians.”

Police identified the man as Joffre Zalinski, according to The Oregonian. Police charged Zalinski with first-degree theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle. (RELATED: Man Charged With Stealing Forklift, Planning To Attack Trump’s Limo)

Zalinski allegedly drove the machine at least 15 blocks while laughing “maniacally” and shouting “I literally stole this,” The Oregonian reported.

Jeffrey Allen Brooks, 29, was also arrested Feb. 10 for also stealing a forklift in downtown Portland and driving it around downtown.