Two Women Fight In Parking Lot. One Has A Pogo Stick, The Other Has A Gun


Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A woman is in the hospital for being shot in the chest after charging another woman with a pogo stick in North Carolina on Wednesday, according to WXII.

Winston Salem Police Department (WSPD) received reports of a shooting around 3:45 p.m., but the victim was already being transported to the hospital, according to WXII. Through investigation, police say a fight broke out between multiple people in a parking lot, then a 29-year-old victim attacked the 21-year-old suspect with a pogo stick, according to WFMY.

The suspect shot one round in self-defense. No one is being charged right now, but it is still an ongoing investigation, according to WXII.  (RELATED: San Antonio Man Tracks Down Alleged Car Thief Using AirTag And Reportedly Kills Him, Police Say)

WSPD’s crime statistics show an increase in homicides from 2022 between the months January-February. Rape, burglary and motor vehicle theft have also increased. The WSPD has “trust talks” between police and the community to foster a healthy dialogue.

Mayor Allen Joines addressed crime in his State of the City address in February. “We were feeling pretty good last year,” Joines said during his speech. “We saw a 25% reductions in homicides. Then we kicked this year off, we’ve already had 11 homicides compared to eight during the same time last year.”

WSPD did not immediately respond to Daily Caller’s Request for comment.