Video Shows Unsuspecting Man Narrowly Escape Laundromat Explosion


Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A viral social media video shows a man leaving a laundromat in Spain shortly before one of the machines explodes, according to newly released footage.

The explosion was reportedly caused by the flammable fuel in a cigarette lighter left in someone’s trousers, the DailyMail reported. It blew up the entire laundromat mere seconds after a man carrying three bags of laundry had left. (RELATED: Explosion Leaves Mysterious Crater On Shores Of Long Island, Authorities Investigating For Potential Terrorism)

The explosion occurred March 14 at about 8 p.m. in the Galician city of La Coruna, the DailyMail reported. Many people living in the area heard the explosion. Fire officials reportedly tore down the wall because it was a security risk.

“We heard a loud noise but it didn’t sound like an explosion,” a witness told a local paper, the DailyMail reported. “We didn’t think more of it until about ten minutes later the sirens of fire engines began to sound.”

“I went outside and found the whole corner of the street destroyed,” the witness added, according to the outlet. “The firefighters tore the front wall outside down because there was a crack in it and felt there was a risk it could collapse.”