These Absolutely Insane Videos Of Tornados Will Make Your Brain Break


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An estimated 50 tornadoes struck the U.S. between Friday and Sunday, killing at least 32 people and destroying huge amounts of man-made infrastructure across a number of states.

Obversers on the ground shared absolutely terrifying footage of the destruction on social media. In the first video, a man claims he was sitting on his porch in Little Rock, Arkansas, as the tornado ripped through his block. Within seconds, the quiet, quaint neighborhood is utterly destroyed by the extreme winds.

In another before-and-after style video shared by a KATV meteorologist, a man and his friends were reportedly standing outside a fire station in Breckenridge, Arkansas, as the twister blew past. Within seconds, all hell breaks loose and the once lush-greenery turns into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. I highly recommend you watch this next video in full to appreciate the sheer power of a tornado.

Another video, apparently taken by one Tanner Charles, shows him driving toward a shockingly enormous tornado. This video almost looks fake, it is so insane. Charles watermarked the content with a “not for broadcast” warning, probably because he knows he can make some money selling this insanity and destruction of people’s lives.

In Iowa, a huge tornado was caught on camera and shared by Raws Alerts. The footage was initially captured by Nebraska meteorologist Tim Jones, and shows the twister engulfing everything in its path.

Major winter storms are expected throughout the Plains and Midwest in the coming week. The National Weather Service warned everyone within the regions of extreme weather to prepare immediately.

An intermountain snowstorm is also anticipated to strike the West, central Rockies, and parts of the High Plains on Monday into the rest of the week, NWS noted. Tornadoes are also expected in Louisiana and Texas.