Davy Klaassen’s Head Busted Open By Thrown Lighter From Fan (And This Was After The Explosions In The Stadium)

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @ESPNnl]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Wow … who knew a lighter could cause so much damage like this?

The Wednesday night Dutch derby between Ajax and Feyenoord was halted after the Ajax’s Davy Klaassen was busted open after a flying object from the stands hit him in the back of the head.

The soccer match — which was the KNVB Cup semi-final between the Dutch rivals — actually suffered another shortage prior to the Klaassen incident as well. De Klassieker was forced to halt for five minutes due to a massive amount of fireworks that were set off by Feyenoord fans, which filled the stadium with smoke.

Fast forward to the 51st minute of the game, and that’s when Klasssen got hit with a lighter from a fan. The incident came after Klaassen scored a goal to put Ajax back in the lead.

Just another day in the insane world of soccer.

Ever since I got into soccer, I’ve always wondered if these European players ever get nervous while on the pitch because of how crazy fans can get over there. I know I would. (RELATED: WWE Sees Huge Jump In Ratings For Iconic WrestleMania Pay-Per-View)

People get intense over there about that sport — and not always in the good way.