Navy SEALs Exchange Fire In Dueling Podcasts

Screenshot/YouTube/Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Texas GOP congressman Dan Crenshaw and fitness guru David Goggins clashed this weekend over how former Navy SEALs should conduct themselves in the public sphere.

The former SEALs aired their grievances on YouTube — Goggins on the “Chips N Caviar” podcast and Crenshaw on his regular show. The main argument revolved around a 2020 interview Crenshaw gave to the “Readiness Report” podcast. (RELATED: Retired Navy SEAL David Goggins Releases Awesome Motivational Memorial Day Message)

During the interview Crenshaw said, “I’ve never met a single SEAL that knows him [Goggins].” Referencing Goggins’ popular book, “Can’t Hurt Me,” Crenshaw stated, “I don’t know what his book’s even about —  um, you know, he seems to be selling more of a, you know, 50-mile run, ultramarathon type of mentality. To me it has nothing to do with the SEAL teams.”

Last week Goggins fired back on the “Chips N Caviar” podcast stating, “No motherfucker! I’m not selling 50-mile runs. I’m selling life.”  Addressing Crenshaw’s accusation that he is “not very SEAL like. SEALs don’t act that way,” Goggins stated, “I was part of the teams but not the brotherhood.”

Crenshaw says he was forced to respond to the criticisms because Goggins “says some pretty nasty stuff.” In particular, Crenshaw took issue with a comment Goggins allegedly made about a SEAL who was shot 28 times and survived. Goggins said Crenshaw was “talking about some dead guy.” Crenshaw countered by saying, “I’m talking about Mike Day … Every SEAL knows who Mike Day is.” Still, Crenshaw noted Goggins was right about Day being dead. “He killed himself last week,” Crenshaw said.

Toward the end of the “Chips N Caviar” interview, Goggins defended his decision to go public. “I gotta’ answer questions because a man does not sit back and say, ‘Oh, it’s okay. Let’s let it wash over.'” For his part, Crenshaw says he stands by the 2020 interview and doesn’t believe he was dragging Goggins “through the mud.”

Summing up the spat, Crenshaw said, “So, David and I just have a completely different interpretation of events.”

Neither Crenshaw nor Goggins immediately responded to a request for comment.