Famous Model Janice Dickinson Says She Stole Donald Trump’s Limo To Go On A Date With JFK Jr.

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous model Janice Dickinson says she “stole” Donald Trump’s limousine to get to a date with John F. Kennedy Jr. in the 80s, all because she didn’t want to be late.

Dickinson said she jumped in the vehicle and drove away with Trump’s limo during an interview with Queerty posted April 7.

“I once stole Trump’s limousine without knowing it was his limousine,” she began. “It was a snowstorm up in New York, a ‘Nor’easter,’ they call it. There were no taxi cabs anywhere.”

Dickinson may not have realized whose vehicle she had taken, but she definitely knew where she was heading, and she explained to Queerty that nothing was going to get in her way.

“I was sitting there in the cold for a couple hours trying to get a taxi and there were none available,” she said. “And so I just said, ‘Come on, just get in this limo. I’ll just drive it a few blocks.’”

“So my girlfriend got in the back,” she continued, and just like that, the limo was off: Dickinson had unknowingly driven away in Trump’s awaiting vehicle.

“I drove it a few blocks down the street, swerving, you know, making fishtails in the street and there was no one no one on the road,” Dickinson said. “It was a real storm.” (RELATED:  Alleged Thief Reportedly Steals Car From Outside Rihanna’s Home)

“So I remember this clearly because I was going there to meet John F. Kennedy Jr. for dinner. And I didn’t want to miss that date, honey. Yes, he was divine. Yes, I did kiss him,” she concluded.