Outright Insanity Explodes At Penn State Baseball Game With A Little League Grand Slam And Thousands Of Hot Dogs

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My old stomping grounds of State College!

The Penn State Nittany Lions obliterated the West Virginia Mountaineers on Tuesday night, getting an 11-6 win to go 18-11 on the season. And while that was happening on the field, the Nittany Lions faithful were hammering the concession stands, putting down thousands of hot dogs.

Penn State’s win came in the form of outright insanity, with a Little League-style grand slam leading the team to victory.

The Nittany Lions had the bases loaded up with two outs on the board, losing by two in the bottom of the sixth inning. That’s when junior second baseman Kyle Hannon came to the plate and hit a ball down the first base line. When West Virginia’s pitcher got his hands on the ball, he tossed it over to his first baseman, but the pitcher’s throw had too much power and the ball went into the outfield.

Two runs scored on the mishap, and as a Nittany Lion was running around third base on his way back to home plate, the Mountaineers’ right fielder threw an over-powered toss himself and was out of reach for the catcher, which allowed yet another run to come in for a third. (RELATED: Phillies Hold Dollar Dog Night During Loss Against Rival Marlins, Fanbase Responds By Throwing Franks At Field)

Hannon was still running around the field as all of this went down. West Virginia spotted him and attempted to halt him from getting the Little League grand slam, so the Mountaineers’ catcher threw the ball at home. But here’s the problem: Nobody was there to catch it.

With the ball rolling toward the mound, Hannon got his chance to score, and that’s exactly what he did to accomplish the incredible feat.

Just check out how spectacular it was:

And this happened in front of a decently-sized crowd (for Penn State baseball) on Military Appreciation Night:

Speaking of that crowd, they also put down thousands of hot dogs — over 5,000 to be exact, wow!

What an amazing night it had to be in State College.