ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Forced To Whisper On TV After Hotel Neighbor Complained About His Noise Level

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is absolutely hilarious.

ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst isn’t somebody you think would get hammered with noise-level complaints, but that’s apparently what happened while he was staying (and working) at a Phoenix hotel.

Windhorst appeared Monday morning on “Get Up” to discuss the 2023 NBA Playoffs with fellow analysts Vince Carter and Jay Williams, and it was noticed that Windhorst kept whispering. This led to the host of the show, Brian Custer, asking why he was talking so low while on live national television.

“Well, we all have adverse situations, and apparently someone in the hotel room next to me was not a ‘Get Up’ viewer and not happy about the early wake-up call here in Phoenix,” said Windhorst. “And let’s just say that messages have been delivered — not in a soft manner. I’m trying to avoid having a wrap on any part of my body.”

How can you not love Brian Windhorst?

I’ve always been a fan of Brian. He has the perfect balance of providing us some of the most epic information in terms of basketball (and LeBron James to be exact), and then happens to fit in some great comedy as well — sometimes by accident. (RELATED: Outright Insanity: Russell Westbrook Walks Right Into Phoenix Suns Fan Lounge To Confront Heckler)

But that’s the best comedy: something that happens randomly and unexpectedly.

Windhorst did what he had to do and it worked out to be grade A content.