Huge Brawl Breaks Out In NHL Game After Philadelphia Flyers’ Tony DeAngelo Spears Tampa Bay Lightning’s Corey Perry


Andrew Powell Contributor
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The fireworks went off in this one!

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo was slammed with a massive penalty and game misconduct Tuesday after spearing Tampa Bay Lightning forward Corey Perry with his stick below the belt.

DeAngelo came into a players scrum gathered in front of the Lightning’s net, which then led him to take his stick and spear Perry, who dropped to the ice. A brawl immediately broke out.

Tampa Bay players surrounded DeAngelo, slamming him to the ice before he got back up with help from his Flyers linemates. DeAngelo landed a five-minute penalty for his actions and was also ejected from his team’s 5-2 defeat. On top of that, DeAngelo is also being forced to have a hearing Wednesday, according to the NHL Department of Player Safety.

Wow, this was absolutely insane.

But at the same time, this happens pretty consistently in the sport of hockey where you see players get in trouble because they overreact and get violent, and it’s gotta be tough sometimes. You’re already playing a violent sport and the competition gets intense, and then sometimes your emotions probably get the best of you, and then you end up doing something that gets you investigated by the NHL. (RELATED: ‘So Cowardly’: Minnesota Wild Slammed For Being ‘Homophobic’ After Refusing To Wear LGBTQ+ Jerseys)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending Tony DeAngelo’s actions or anything, but I can understand what happened here, because it happens so much in hockey. It’s just a very, very intense game.

By the way, who else thought of WWE NXT’s Tony D’Angelo when they read the NHL player’s name?

So did I, so did I.