BENSON: Conservatives Need To Abandon Complacent Opposition And Follow Tucker Into The Arena

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William Benson Contributor
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Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News is not merely a personal loss to the conservative movement, but represents the cohesion and uniparty interests arrayed against him and the American people. Nevertheless, there is an important lesson that Tucker taught conservatives who now have a chance to follow his lead.

Tucker Carlson is a power player of American politics. He is the judge, jury, and executioner of any Republican politician hoping to make a mark. Whether you agree with him or not, his showdown with Senator Ted Cruz is an especially important example. How many cable news hosts can make sitting United States senators ask for forgiveness? His audience not only listens to him, but takes action based on what he says. More importantly, Tucker goes beyond the headlines, seeking truth and answers where no one seems to even be asking questions

In retrospect, this is not only what made Tucker who he is, but his courage. Much earlier than other political figures, Tucker took aim at the uniparty and establishment interests. He called out the corruption of our elites of all political banners and went after those who threatened the interests of everyday Americans. His support of President Trump and his protectionist and immigration policies is representative of this.

Nevertheless, it does not precisely explain what happened with Fox. Some claim Fox’s legal settlement with Dominion Voting Systems involving the 2020 presidential election was the reason. However, this does not seem to be a solid case. Tucker was essential to the financial success of Fox News, and without question more important than the price of any lawsuit.

I believe Tucker’s departure was not because of any one specific thing, but rather what he stands for. On April 22, Tucker gave a keynote speech at the Heritage Foundation’s fiftieth anniversary gala. In this speech, Tucker gave a fiery condemnation of some of today’s most pressing political issues, calling out everything from establishment interests to transgenderism. Therefore, Tucker’s departure was not over speaking, but over what he said. He brings passion, energy, and most especially, a drive to win. This is a threat not only to the left, but to many on the right who would rather sit in complacent opposition.

The speech at Heritage may be considered the culmination of Tucker’s beliefs. A popular news host does not typically become as important a political figure as Tucker. That may be the problem, too, however. As the left moved further and further into their journalistic lies and cooperation with the government, Tucker sought to fight fire with fire. He recognized that there is no neutrality in this game of politics. If the left is biased, then so must the right be. To sign the suicide pact of liberal neutrality while political opponents ruthlessly persecute you and your way of life is to be fundamentally unserious about winning any real political battles.

Tucker took a stand and refused to submit to a casual politics only concerned with defeat. Whether the Heritage hypothesis is correct or not, or for whatever reason Fox may have had for its actions, it is a victory for the left to have Tucker lose his position on cable news. With his audience and platform missing a leader in action, Tucker can no longer command an entire voting bloc and call out news that most conservatives would not even dare touch — at least for now. With him out, the stranglehold of the left over the media only grows stronger.

It is important not to fall into despair, however. Tucker will be back — just look at his Twitter video traffic. His hard work, talent, charm, and charisma got him to where he was. If he could do it the first time, he can do it again. While it will certainly be a challenge, he will succeed. In this time, conservatives should not only support him, but commit to a plan of action. Give Tucker an audience. Give him a book deal. Give him the opportunity to speak his mind. When powerful interests left or right seek to take a political figure down, that person and his message should be taken very seriously.

Whether you agree with Tucker or not, his voice matters and what team he is on matters: our team. Tucker comes off as an authentic, decent human being. Politics is about optics, and Tucker’s charisma and schoolboy knot tie that came on the air every night was a visible face of someone who genuinely cared about the American people, getting the facts, and holding our political elites accountable for their corruption.

It is time to get serious on the right. Tucker will have his day in the sun again, and any political forge should tread carefully on him. Moreover, this should not stop conservatives from taking tactical next steps in our fight against the left. Republicans would be wise to not just attack the liberal media in the press, but actively take political action to curtail its influence. Fox’s actions towards Tucker are yet another reason to consider which conservatives are really on our side. These are questions that must be asked, and rather than sitting in front of the television every night to watch whoever may be in Tucker’s place, it is time to get up and abandon “defensive couchconservatism and actively wield our political power to take on some of our most vicious foes in the media. After all, Tucker showed us that if you’re willing to be the man in the arena, people will listen.

William Benson is a writer who has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Lone Conservative, and The College Fix.

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