‘Whipping Out His Penis’: Megyn Kelly Launches Into Blistering Tirade Against Trans Activists

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Sirius XM host Megyn Kelly launched into a tirade against gender ideology and transgender activists during a Monday episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

Kelly called out transgender activists who support biological males competing in women’s sports, being housed in women’s prisons and changing in girl’s locker rooms because they identify as women.

“Women are still women. Women are female,” Kelly said. “We’re the only ones who are female. And while you can be apathetic toward the social difficulties of somebody who says they’re gender dysphoric or say they think they were born in the wrong body,  we can all draw a hard line on then coming into our spaces. We’re not gonna be threatened by some lunatic who wants to blow us up with his gun like we saw last week.”

“We’re not gonna have some allegedly trans person whipping out his penis in front of our 14-year-old daughters post swimming. We’re not gonna continue to sit by and let female prisoners get raped where they’re literally unable to escape their circumstances and we are going to speak out, no matter what you call us,” she said.


Kelly said women will “speak out” no matter if they are labeled a “transphobe” in an attempt to make them “look bad.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Goes Off Disney After ‘Gay Agenda’ Video Leak)

“Do it! Do it! I’m not afraid of you,” Kelly said in a message to transgender activists. “And millions of people feel exactly the same way I do.”

The host has been largely critical of the transgender ideology being pushed in U.S. society. In June, she sounded the alarm on a Fox News segment that aired a family with a child identifying as transgender. She also warned in 2021 that her son’s school was teaching third grade children about puberty blockers.