Megyn Kelly Says Son’s School Told Third Grade Boys About Taking Puberty Blockers So They Can Have Genitals ‘Chopped Off’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly said her son’s school told third grade boys about how they could “take a pill to prevent puberty” so they can later have genitals “chopped off.”

“Okay, so they unleashed a three-week experimental transgender education program on our boys,” Kelly shared during “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Tuesday with her guest Ramona Bessinger, a middle school teacher in Providence, Rhode Island. Bessinger said she’s faced retaliation from her district after she called out her school over race-based and transgender projects. She argued it was eroding “parental rights.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Says She Left ‘Son’s School’ After Boys Were Asked Weekly If They’re ‘Still Sure’ They Were Boys)

Kelly said she wasn’t told about the program before and only found out about it after going to a parent-teacher night at the school when one of the parents stood up and revealed what he said happened in his son’s class.

It starts at 56:53.


“One of our fellow parents, a man, raised his hand and said ‘Why did my son come home,’ these are third graders 8 and 9 year olds, ‘Why did my son come home and asks if it’s true that he can take a pill to prevent puberty and then when he turns 18 he can have his penis chopped off if he wants to become a woman?'” Kelly explained. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Defends Piers Morgan, Says ‘In An Era Of Free Speech Being Stifled’ We ‘Need More’ Like Him, Not ‘Fewer’)

Kelly questioned whether teachers would counsel a teen on the various ways to commit suicide, abortion and more in the same way they do with gender.

“There are things that are inappropriate to discuss with children, certainly third graders as it was in our case, and teenagers down the line for all sorts of reasons,” the host said.

The former Fox News host called out teachers who “refuse to acknowledge any of those limits.”

“It is wrong, it is very wrong, because kids glom onto various identies especially at that middle school level,” Bessinger shared. “So they are going to try different hats on at that age. They may try purple hair and different funny things.”

She noted a scenario of a kid who might at that point say they like to dress up in various clothing and that teacher then “secretly engages in a some weird conversation with a minor about taking pills” and it could lead to “predator behavior,” calling it “disgusting.”

Near the end of the radio show, Kelly pointed out the book Bessinger said she found in her school library titled, “Sex Plus,” which talks about different sex toys that exist.

“Can you believe this BS?” the former NBC host said. “Don’t talk to my kid about sex toys. About how to become the other sex.”