Wife Of Famous Mötley Crüe Rock Star Tells Fans How She Keeps Things ‘Spicy’

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Courtney Sixx, the wife of Mötley Crüe legend Nikki Sixx, revealed her top secrets for keeping her 13-year marriage to a rock star “spicy” during an interview with People on Wednesday.

Courtney said that even after so many years of being together, she and Nikki have a special formula to keep things exciting between them, according to People. “I like to try to keep things spicy and buy new lingerie,” she said about her sex life. “And it’s crazy. We’ve been together 13 years, but it feels like we just met.”

She confirmed her intimate life is active, and went on to to say that was just one of the fundamental elements of her marriage to Nikki.

“And you know what? I’ll say we are each other’s best friends, and we’ve worked really hard to have such a solid foundation,” she said. “So we truly just love hanging out. And with Ruby, it’s so fun,” she continued, referencing the couple’s daughter.

Courtney also admitted to having other tricks up her sleeve when it comes to keeping the spark alive in her marriage.  She said she likes to play coy from time to time to keep her 64-year-old rockstar husband engaged and connected.

“Sometimes I just won’t answer my phone for a couple rings, just because I want my husband to go, ‘Oh, what’s she up to?’ ” she told People. “Not where I’m so mysterious that he can’t keep his finger on me, but I think some mystery is great.”

“I’m very old school, I’m very traditional as a girl,” she said.


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“So growing up I read ‘The Rules’ book and ‘Why Men Love Bitches,’ and I just from a teenager kind of thought, ‘All right, I like to be pursued.’ My mom taught me you don’t call boys, you wait for boys to call you, which I know it’s not very empowering, but that’s kind of how I was raised,” she told the outlet.

Courtney is also an active stepmother to Nikki’s four children from a previous marriage, and she knows just how to balance family life with alone time with her husband.

She told People she occasionally arranges trips for just the two of them. (RELATED: Brittany Furlan Spills Details On Sex Life With Metalhead Husband Tommy Lee)

“It’s great to do trips with Ruby, but like little one, two-nighter getaways alone — I think that’s so important,” she said. “I really believe that if you have a solid marriage, then your children really benefit from that.”