Post Malone Proved He’s Willing To Take The Shoes Off His Feet For A Fan


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A video circulated on Twitter shows Post Malone graciously acknowledging a fan that bought him a pair of shoes by taking the ones off his feet and giving them to her.

The video seems to be taken at the end of a live performance by the artist. Malone told the fan he saw the shoes she was holding up for him while he was on stage, and then he proceeded to thank her for the kind gesture.

“These are so sick,” he said. “I saw them when I was on stage… so I wanted to make sure I could come and grab them,” Malone said, before making eye contact with the fan and saying, “You’re a legend.”

The fan seemed smitten by Malone, but was equally focused on the task at hand. She didn’t just want to gift him, she had something more in mind for this intimate experience with the artist.

Malone seemed intrigued by the transaction and the gift, and went with the natural flow of their conversation.

“These are for me? You are fuckin’ so sick,” he said. “Thank you so very much, that’s so sick.”

Then the fan surprised him by making a request.

“You take mine, I’ll take yours,” the female fan said, as she handed Malone a box of new Converse shoes.

He looked visibly surprised, but he gave in to the moment. (RELATED: Karin Hart Sends Internet Into Frenzy With Video Of Justin Thomas Signing Her Boobs)

“Oh is that the trade? I didn’t know it was a trade,” he said, as he reached down to untie his shoes.

“I’ll have you know, these stink, probably,” he said, as he laughed.

The artist handed over the actual shoes he had on his feet, and willingly obliged when the fan asked him to autograph the shoes.

He continued carrying on a conversation with her, and over 358,000 Twitter viewers tuned in to watch it all unfold on social media.

Leena Nasir