TV Anchors Lose It Over Viral Video Of Bear Scaring Man

Screenshot/Facebook/WFLA Stacie Schaible

Frances Floresca Contributor
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Video footage from a news segment shows two Florida anchors laughing hysterically over a video of a bear scaring a West Virginia man as it jumped out of a dumpster bin.

When the viral video was shown to WFLA news anchors Josh Benson and Stacie Schaible, they started laughing, a video posted to Facebook by Schaible shows. (RELATED: Video Shows Elementary School Principal Coming Face-To-Face With Dumpster-Diving)

Security footage caught the West Virginia School principal coming face-to-face with the bear on May 1. He was unlocking the dumpster before the bear popped out causing the principal to run away. The bear ran in the opposite direction.

“You put trash in a dumpster, but you don’t expect anything to come out!” Zela Elementary principal James Marsh said. “That was an unexpected surprise!”

“The bear was frightened, he sprinted off in the other direction and the school district’s board sent out a Facebook post saying, ‘Who said principals don’t deserve hazard pay?’” Benson said during the show, according to the video.

“We’re just going to have to go to commercial I think,” Schaible joked as the two continued to laugh.

Schaible later took to Twitter and said that “running for fun is a foreign concept to @WFLAJosh and me.”