‘It Made Me Physically Nauseous’: Parents Reportedly Furious Over Illustrated 5th Grade Sex Ed Curriculum

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Parents of students at a Long Island school are reportedly furious over a new sex ed curriculum aimed at fifth grade students which offers up graphic illustrations as it teaches subjects such as oral and anal sex as well as masturbation, the New York Post reported.

The Waldorf School of Garden City, Long Island, announced that it will be adopting a mandatory sex education curriculum which includes a book entitled “It’s Perfectly Normal” that offers up illustrations and subject matters parents have argued are too graphic for fifth grade students, the New York Post reported

“It’s Perfectly Normal” is part of the Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum that originated with the Unitarian Universalist Church, according to the outlet. As part of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) initiative supported by then-President Barack Obama, OWL is a pivot away from a more abstinence-themed sex education program.

In addition to illustrated depictions of masturbation and sex, the curriculum teaches that “the ancient Greeks thought that love between two men was the highest form of love,” the New York Post reported. The book also teaches children it is “normal” to look at and touch the bodies of other children, regardless of gender. “This is a normal kind of exploring and does not necessarily have anything to do with whether someone is or will be straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual,” the outlet reported.

“It made me physically nauseous. There’s a whole page on contraception and vaginal and anal sex and more about how it’s perfectly normal. This is clearly agenda-pushing and it’s so outrageous,” one upset mother told the New York Post.

Another parent told the New York Post that she had selected the school for its focus on letting kids be kids and its stance on limiting social media and television. “But now this ideology is becoming the forefront of the school’s focus. I’m all for diversity and inclusion but it takes on a whole new tone when your little kids come home lecturing you about pronouns and asking about oral sex,” she stated.

Sharon Slater, co-founder of Family Watch International, said the OWL curriculum and those like it are intended to separate children from the values of their parents. “They’re told at a young age they have a right to sexual pleasure and sexual knowledge and it often turns kids against their parents’ views and values on sex and sexuality. The school administrators don’t worry about backlash because they know they have the backing of the Biden Administration,” she claimed.

Kelly O’Halogan, a faculty chair at the Waldorf School, refuted the accusations leveled by the parents, telling the New York Post the book was supplemental and never used in the classroom.

“All of our curriculum is thoughtfully selected, and we welcome collaboration with parents to continue delivering an inclusive and age-appropriate education for our students. We are a school that teaches our students to value the differences in individuals, and we recognize that there is strength and wisdom in our diversity,” O’Halogan told the outlet.