‘Had An Erection Visible’: Girls Speak Out About Being Forced To Allow Male Into Sorority House


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Sorority girls at the University of Wyoming detailed how a male was allowed into their sorority house and appeared visibly aroused on multiple occasions on the Megyn Kelly Show Monday.

The female students are suing the Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) sisterhood for forcing them to live in their sorority house with biological male Artemis Langford, who identifies as transgender. KKG allowed Langford into the chapter in October 2022, and according to a lawsuit, he has since made the girls uncomfortable by watching them as they walk around the house with towels and getting erections visible through his leggings. (RELATED: Teacher Under Investigation By DeSantis Says Parental Rights ‘Are Gone When Your Child Is In The Public School System’)

Langford also allegedly took photos of the girls while they slept, and refused to leave the house one night until after they had fallen asleep. The students say they felt pressured to accept Langford’s presence in the house despite their discomfort to avoid being labeled a bigot.

“It’s a weird gut-wrenching feeling that every time I leave my room there’s a possibility that I’ll walk across him in the hall,” one girl said. “Whatever setting that may be in, and it’s never a pleasant encounter, and that’s the scary part. It’s a weird feeling just to know that I could run into him at any time, because he has full access to the house.”

“But this just goes to show, we need women’s spaces for that reason. Like, our house is our home, just like anyone else’s home. You go home at the end of the day to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own skin, and you can’t do that knowing that this individual has full access to your house.”

Another girl said that the situation made them uncomfortable because some of the girls in the house had suffered sexual assault or harassment before.

“Some girls live in constant fear in our home, and our home is supposed to be a safe space,” she said. “To paint you a picture just a little bit further, men are never allowed on the second floor of our house, except for move in and move out just to help us lift heavy things up stairs. So it is seriously an only-female space. It is so different than living in the dorms, for instance, where men and women can co-mingle on the floors, that is not the case in the sorority house.”