Attorney For Pregnant Nurse Placed On Leave Says Defamation Lawsuits Will Be Filed Against Media

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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The attorney for the pregnant woman placed on leave over a viral biking incident said defamation lawsuits will be filed against the media for its portrayal of her.

The woman, Sarah Jane Comrey, got into a heated incident when a group of young black men claimed she attempted to steal a rental bike they paid for in New York City. She was later was placed on leave by her employer after a video of the incident went viral on social media. Many in the media labeled Comrey the “Citi Bike Karen” and even accused her of racism, leading her to go into hiding, her lawyer said.

“We are gonna get an answer when we start filing defamation lawsuits,” her attorney Justin Marino told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Friday. “She’s been called a racist, she’s been called a thief, there are reasons defamation laws exist, and we plan to pursue that.”

He criticized the media for its portrayal of his client and said he plans to defend her if the hospital fires her over the incident. Comrey alleged she purchased the bike but had to purchase a second one after the confrontation with the men.  (RELATED: ‘Citi Bike Karen’ At Center Of Confrontation With Black Teens Paid For Bike, Lawyer Says) 

Marino has publicly disclosed two receipts proving she rented two bikes, and rented the initial bike before the incident. He said the media is portraying the altercation as racism, and agreed with Hemmer’s description of the incident as an “ugly miscommunication.”

“She’s received death threats. She’s in hiding. What’s at play is what social media did to this woman who is literally a hero and has done nothing but help people and within one minute, effectively tries to ruin her life,” Marino said.