‘Try To Chop Our Heads Off’: Jesse Watters Slams Machete-Wielding Professor For Threatening Reporter

[Screenshot/Grabien/Public — User: Fox News]

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Fox host Jesse Watters took former Hunter College adjunct professor Shellyne Rodriguez to task over a video appearing to show the professor holding a machete to a reporter’s neck.

The professor first came under fire after a video posted by Students for Life America showed Rodriguez yelling at two pro-life students and throwing materials off their display table. The video has over 475,000 views. (RELATED: Abortion Is Infiltrating College Campuses — With The Help Of Democratic Lawmakers)


“I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to threaten to slit a journalist’s throat for asking questions. And guess what she did after the stunt at her apartment? She chased him down the street with a machete. Thank God nobody put that lady in a chokehold. You could get life in jail for that,” Watters said on Tuesday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“And can the New York Post catch a break here? I mean, first they censor us, then they try to chop our heads off? When Trump called reporters hacks, The New York Times said he was attacking freedom of the press. So what do you call that?”

Watters then explained that Hunter College fired Rodriguez after receiving word of the machete incident. Rodriguez is also “suing the NYPD for allegedly abusing her during the George Floyd protests” and describes herself as a “black Marxist,” Watters claims.

“Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez, and has taken immediate action,” Vince DiMiceli, Hunter College assistant VP of communications, told the Daily Caller News Foundation of the machete incident. “Rodriguez has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school.”