Bill Gates’ Alleged Russian Lover Reportedly Linked To Notorious Russian Spy

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Deputy News Editor
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Bill Gates’ alleged mistress was once photographed with former Russian spy Anna Chapman  around the same time she was having an affair with Gates, the Daily Mail first reported Friday.

Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player roughly 30 years younger than Gates, allegedly had an affair with the billionaire Microsoft founder around 2010, The Wall Street Journal first reported this week. The affair was discovered due to a 2017 email from Jeffrey Epstein, who apparently blackmailed Gates, threatening to expose the affair if Gates did not pay him for a favor he did for Antonova.

Epstein apparently paid for Antonova’s schooling to become a computer programmer several years earlier, and then went to Gates years after his alleged affair with her to try to collect the money.

A photo published Friday by the Daily Mail shows Antonova and Chapman, who pleaded guilty to acting on behalf of Russia in 2010 and was later deported as part of a prisoner swap, walking through the streets of New York City together while the two were in the United States.

The nature of Chapman and Antonova’s relationship is unclear. Chapman is the daughter of a former KGB officer, while Antonova is still based in California, according to the Daily Mail. (RELATED: Bill Gates Says ‘Nuclear Energy’ Can Help Secure ‘Climate Goals’)

Gates and Antonova reportedly met at various bridge events in the United States. Antonova founded a bridge club in the U.S. after coming from Russia, where she finished university in 2005. She worked various jobs as a computer programmer and dated another wealthy businessman, Chad Gracia, before meeting Gates.

Chapman gained British citizenship in 2002 through marriage and moved to New York in 2009, where she quickly propped up a successful real estate company. She pleaded guilty in 2010 to conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government.