Projected No. 1 NBA Draft Pick Victor Wembanyama Puts Up Insane Dunk During Mets 92 Warm Ups That Had Fans Going Crazy

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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As a Miami Heat fan, I won’t be able to like this guy — but this was pretty impressive.

The projected No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft (by the San Antonio Spurs, ew), Victor Wembanyama, has set the basketball world on fire (again) after he put up an absolutely insane dunk. Seriously, guys his size aren’t supposed to do stuff like this.

Video shows Wembanyama while he was warming up before a Mets 92 game, and at one point, the 19-year-old put up a beautiful highlight dunk, going in-between the legs after tossing the ball off the backboard. And keep in mind, this is a 7’5″ dude (in shoes) doing this.


I am very, very curious to see how Victor Wembanyama does in the NBA.

To San Antonio Spurs fans, he’s going to be the greatest thing we’ve ever seen in basketball, and as a Miami Heat fan (a hated rival of the Spurs), I admit I threw up a little bit in my mouth when the Spurs landed the No. 1 draft pick in the 2023 NBA lottery — I can’t stand how spoiled San Antonio is (though I’m sure they say the same about us).

But here’s the thing: As much as we might be impressed, do we really see someone this skinny making it in the league?

Yeah, he’s got mad height, and mad Kobe Bryant skill as a big man. I get all of that.

But do we all remember what happened with Yao Ming?

The man couldn’t stay healthy.

I can picture Victor being just as brittle.

And that’s why I’m interested to watch this kid when he gets to the league: To see me be right about this, and then drink the tears of San Antonio Spurs fans, because I’m telling you, it’s coming. (RELATED: Miami Heat Avoid Historic Collapse To Gloriously Punch Their Tickets To The NBA Finals; Beat Boston Celtics, 4-3)

Book it.