‘Even A Cat Doesn’t Have As Many Lives As Trump’: Stephen A. Smith Warns Indictment Will Backfire On Dems


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith warned Democrats Thursday night of the “detrimental effect” former President Donald Trump’s indictment would have while speaking on NewsNation.

Trump announced Thursday night in a Truth Social post that he has been indicted for allegedly mishandling more than 300 classified documents. Trump said his attorneys were informed of the indictment and has been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on June 13. The indictment reportedly includes at least seven counts, including a conspiracy to a scheme to conceal false statements and representations and willful retention of national defense information, ABC News reported.

Smith said the indictment doesn’t matter for Trump supporters, arguing if anything the indictment was worse for Democrats.

“Just as a regular American citizen voting … at the end of the day, what we’re asking is ‘is he gonna end up in jail?’ ‘Are you gonna prevent him from running for the White House?’ And the answer to most people is ‘no.’ It’s going to be much ado about nothing. He’s gonna be accused again, you know, back in the day was impeached not once but twice, but yet again he still is here. You know, you’ve highlighted to your viewers and everybody who would listen: That man could be indicted, he can be thrown in jail and can still run for president. So at the end of the day, are you gonna beat him or not? You beat him once he wouldn’t admit it. He still won’t let it go. He still claims that the election was rigged and stuff like that, and he is still here. Even a cat doesn’t have as many lives as Donald Trump appears to have when it comes to being in a political stratosphere.” (RELATED: 2024 GOP Candidates React To Trump Indictment)

Host Chris Cuomo then acknowledged Trump still hasn’t been “nailed” before asking what the “effect” would be of the inducement.

Smith then argued the indictment will have a “detrimental effect” because he claimed Democrats would be “blamed” for the indictment.