House Oversight Chair Claims There Could Be More Documents Showing Alleged Joe Biden Bribery Scheme

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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There may be additional FD-1023 documents detailing President Joe Biden’s alleged “bribery” scheme, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said Sunday. 

Republicans in the House Oversight Committee were allowed to read one FD-1023 document Thursday after weeks of attempting to get access from the FBI and threatening FBI Director Christopher Wray with contempt of Congress. In the FD-1023 document, an FBI informant alleges Biden was involved in a “pay-to-play” scene while he was vice president — specifically, “getting a prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden sat on the board,” Republican Georgia Rep. and committee member Marjorie Taylor Greene previously told the Caller.

Two footnotes in the original document indicate there may be more FD-1023 documents, Comer said.

“Once the FBI allowed me and Jamie Raskin, my counterpart on the House Oversight Committee, to go in and look at it, I read it again and then realized that there were two footnotes in there that referenced other 1023s,” Comer said on “Sunday Night in America.”

“This is going to turn out, I think, a lot like the suspicious activity reports that the Treasury Cabinet had on the Bidens,” Comer added. “There are a lot more of these than what the federal government wants to admit, and the question is, why hasn’t the federal government done anything about it?” (RELATED: Comer Shreds John Kirby For Brushing Off National Security Concerns Surrounding Biden Family’s Alleged Crimes)

Comer then spoke about the House Oversight report published May 10 alleging members of the Biden family received $10 million through various LLCs from Romanian and Chinese sources.

“Here’s what we know. There are 20 shell companies at least, and probably more, that were laundering money from foreign nationals, including Romania, including money was being sent less than two weeks after Joe Biden left there as vice president, delivering foreign aid and talking about foreign policy. This form 1023 alleges the exact same thing happened in Ukraine,” Comer said, noting the document is dated from 2020.

The White House has downplayed and dismissed the House Oversight’s investigation. The president called the allegations “malarkey” and joked, “where’s the money?” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said he had not read the report, but that he had “no” national security concerns about it.