Pedro Pascal Describes Driver Spitting ‘Big Glob Of Saliva’ At Him During Road Rage Incident

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Pedro Pascal recalled the moment someone horked on his car during a road rage incident and covered his car in nasty snot.

Pascal was chatting with fellow actor Steven Yeun during a recent interview with Variety when he spoke about this incident, which left a lasting impression. He admitted that he had been making some mistakes while driving, but had no idea his errors would anger someone so much that he would take his anger out on him. “Yesterday was a day. It was my fault. I’ve had three incidents, and they’ve all been my fault. I cut somebody off, and I look over, and there’s a big glob of saliva — like visual effects put it there, man — just dripping down the side of the passenger window,” he said.

The actor gave a very descriptive report of the nasty substance that landed on his car. He happened to be driving his sister on that particular day, and her view was even worse than his.

“And my sister was like, “Fuck!” he said.

Yeun nudged Pascal to tell him more.

“Holy shit. Like a glob from the driver’s side? He just hocked a hard loogie at you?” he asked.

Pascal confirmed the news by saying, “He spit at me.”

Yeun asked the star what he did after someone he saw the the mess.

“I was in shock. It didn’t trigger any rage out of me. It absolutely humbled me and shocked me, scared me a little bit, disturbed me,” Pascal said, according to Variety.

Yeun inquired further. (RELATED: Chris Pine Fires Back After Rumors That Harry Styles Spit On Him Went Mega Viral)

“I wonder if your consciousness about not reacting to that negatively is you recognizing that person’s trying to connect with you in some way,” he said.

Pascal gave an even more candid response.

“They want me to drink in their saliva. It made me feel guilty. I was like, “Gosh, people are going through shit,'” he said.