Famous Actor Clears Up Rumors Of His Alleged Illness, Calls Out Fake GoFundMe Account

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor John Amos, best known for his roles in “Good Times” and “Roots,” came forward Tuesday to debunk rumors he was gravely ill after his daughter posted a social media message requesting donations to aid in his care.

Concern grew for Amos after his daughter Shannon took to Instagram Friday alleging Amos was a victim of elder abuse and was near death in ICU. She asked for support via financial donations and proceeded to post a GoFundMe page which sparked many to donate, according to People.

A representative for Amos released a statement to set the record straight. “To all of my fans, I want you to know that I am doing well. I am not in ICU, nor was I ever fighting for my life,” the statement reads, according to People. “First, I want the GoFundMe campaign about me to stop immediately and the funds subsequently returned to those who made donations.”

Amos quickly released the notice he was in good health and didn’t require financial aid or assistance of any kind. He then notified fans more information about the situation would soon come their way.

“My son and I will reveal more information at the appropriate time,” he said, according to People.

The information previously provided by Shannon painted a very different picture of the 83-year-old actor.

“On May 14th, I would receive a distressing call: from my dad, sharing that he was hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee, in immense pain,” she wrote to Instagram.

“Despite being out of the country, I arranged for help to reach him. ICU revealed his life hanging by a thread,” she said.

“The past two weeks shattered our world. My dad, a victim of elder abuse and financial exploitation. We are collaborating with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and local authorities, determined to bring the perpetrators to justice. Legal assistance is crucial to ensure their prosecution and protect my father’s future,” Shannon said.

She painted a vivid picture of his health for fans, suggesting the dire conditions her father was allegedly facing.

“His home, stripped bare, necessitates a safe space for his return,” she wrote. (RELATED: ‘Swatting’ Prankster Triggers Nicki Minaj Child Abuse Investigation)

“Every donation will be directed to a trust for my dad’s care, legal fees, and aftercare,” she wrote.

She linked to the GoFundMe, which has generated $12,881.00 of the $500,000 goal at last reference.

The reason for Shannon’s desperate post which reads as a plea for help — meanwhile she remains active on social media — is not yet clear.