Famous Actor Brian Cox Reveals He Told Meryl Streep To Her Face He ‘Never Liked’ Her. The Reason Isn’t What You Think


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Brian Cox told one of Hollywood’s most elite actresses, Meryl Streep, that he didn’t like her, and then told the stunned actress precisely why he felt that way.

Cox’s reason ended up being based on flattery, but the delivery caught Streep off guard. The “Succession” star spoke with Emily Blunt about method acting during a recent interview with Variety, and he let it slip that he felt Streep was one of the most talented actresses he’s come across, yet he said something bold right to her face.

“I met her once, and I said, ‘I never liked you,'” he said. “And she went, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I never liked you because I was jealous,'” Cox continued. “How can anybody be that good?”

The conversation was launched when Blunt and Cox were discussing her role in “The Devil Wears Prada,” at which time she worked on-set with the legendary Streep.

As the two discussed their various experiences as actors, Blunt described what it was like to work on that film.

“It was just an extraordinary overnight shift in my life when that came out,” she said during the interview with Variety.

Cox’s response described his adoration for Streep.

“I loved it. And to work with one of the greatest screen actresses of all time, I so envy you,” he said to Blunt. (RELATED: ‘Absolute Bollocks’: Actor Brian Cox Slams Hollywood Hiring Practices That Kill ‘Imagination’)

“One of my ambitions, before I snuff it, is to work with Meryl,” Cox said.

Blunt went on to let Cox in on a little secret.

“Oh, don’t say ‘snuff it’! You will. She’s amazing and was slightly terrifying on that film,” she said.

“She said it was one of the first times she’s tried method acting. But it made her so miserable, playing Miranda.”