Regular Americans Of All Races, Creeds And Colors Have Toppled The King, Displacing Bud Light As Top Selling Beer


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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You’ve likely heard the news that Bud Light is no longer America’s favorite beer. But are you aware of the incredible impact you and your actions had on making this a reality, and why it should bring you hope in these very dark times?

Modelo Especial was officially the No. 1 selling beer in America in May, representing 8.4 percent of U.S. retail store beer sales throughout the month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Bud Light was once the absolute archetype of American drinking, but one massively wrong move has rendered it a parody of itself.

These statistics from the Journal confirm the figures the Caller reported last week that also showed Bud Light being dethroned by Modelo. The numbers from the Bud Light boycott are truly incredible to witness. We’re two months into this thing, and sales show no signs of recovering to where they were before Bud Light threw its lot in with transgenderism. The other beers owned by Bud Light’s parent company are also bleeding because of the boycott and some beer distributors are saying the boycott could last forever. (RELATED: Bud Light’s Parent Company Owns A Bunch Of Your Favorite Beers)

While many may laugh at this outcome, it’s actually a lot more serious than it is funny (just kidding, it’s freaking hysterical, but let’s try and be serious for a slim moment).

The last few years have been really tough for the American psyche. If you’re living on the common sense, conservative, moderate or Christian side of the ideological spectrum, you might be feeling a sense of hopelessness for where the country is going politically and socially. But you need to rid yourself of that misery today, because you just proved that you can save the country. This is no time to give up.

Together, We The People are taking back control of our inputs. We’re already in the thick of a spiritual Great Awakening, but now our collective action is proven to be more powerful than any single ideological construct foisted upon us by the progressive, idiotic left.

What’s more is that our collective action has ensured that every woke loser college grad corporate manager pushing woke garbage upon us will now have to completely rethink their strategy. It turns out that the woke progressive agenda does not correlate with financial gain.

In fact, this entire situation should put every single beta corporate leader and manager on notice: it is time to stand up to your uselessly woke employee base and their crap before you go broke. If someone doesn’t like how your business is run, they don’t have to work for you. (RELATED: You Won’t Believe The Inside Baseball This Country Music Icon Has On The Bud Light Catastrophe)

If you want your business to survive, you need to undo the manipulation, and start moving forward with the American people in mind. And now, at least, you can do it with hope … and the knowledge that a majority of your fellow Americans feel the exact same way, no matter their race, creed, or color.

And ain’t that just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard? If we can work this hard to rid ourselves of woke beer, just imagine how much we can achieve when it comes to protecting the next generation from this crippling indoctrination.